Our business model is based on integrity.

Every step of the way, from design to build, we give you the tools to see where we’re at in our timeline.



Step One:  You’ll meet with Jeff Ehrich to discuss your needs, ideas, and budget.

Step Two: Our architectural design team will put your ideas to paper. Having an in-house design team is a crucial piece to our transparency model. You will always know where you’re at in the design phase, we inform you of cost associations with particular design elements so you know exactly where your money is going, and our lines of communication are always open for quick responses and design change turnaround.

Step Three: The finalized plans are reviewed by an engineer, priced for materials, and then sent to the city for approval for a building permit.

Step Four: Now you get to decorate your home with all the finishing touches. Our own interior designer will accompany you to different showrooms and advise you on price points and color schemes. Her job is to make the process of selections effortless and stress free.

Step Five: Construction begins once we have the approved plans and your interior selections. We want you to feel at home during the building process. This is your future home! It’s being built specifically for your lifestyle so of course you should be involved! You will receive photos and updates weekly or bi-weekly on the build progress.

Step Six: Our project manager walks you through the home. Along with showing you the essentials of your home, like where your shut-off valves are, you will go through the home and create a list of small changes to be completed before we hand it over.

Step Seven: Congratulations! The keys to a future of good memories are yours!

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